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Studio Equipment

The studio has an extensive range of private class apparatus and mat-work accessories.


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The Cadillac sports an assortment of springs, bars, straps and supports. The apparatus allows for the precise isolation of muscle groups, making it ideal for training those with injuries, the elderly and elite athletes. The metal framework also allows for gravity and spring-assisted exercises to be carried out, allowing the student to concentrate more on their technique than might not otherwise be possible.


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Using pulleys and springs to create resistance, the Reformer can be finely calibrated to an individual's needs. Various attachments can be added and removed in order to target specific muscle groups. This flexibility and fine control allows for extremely focused exercises, essential when training athletes or those with injuries.

Wunda Chair

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The Wunda Chair can be used lying down, sitting up and standing. As with the other apparatus, various attachments can be added and removed, and springs can be adjusted to provide the required resistance. This small but dynamic piece of equipment provides a full body workout.


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Mat work classes utilise various accessories, e.g. gym balls, and are designed to challenge the body in free space, focusing the body in rhythm and breath.
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