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Blending strength and precision of movement


Most exercise systems and sports lack a key ingredient: balance. Pilates exercises focus on balancing the actions of the whole body: the skeleton, joints, muscles and major organs. They improve flexibility, strength, stamina and co-ordination.

By correcting spinal alignment, stretching overly tight muscles and strengthening core/postural muscles, the Pilates Method improves the general well being of the entire body. A unique breathing pattern governs the movements of the body adding flow and rhythm to the work. Not only does 'the breath' improve circulation, but it also stimulates true contraction of the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles (crucial for stabilizing the spine and pelvic girdle).

Training routines are tailored for each trainee based on his/her specific needs.

Please Note:
All first­‐time students are taken through a thorough assessment session to ascertain their level of fitness and understanding of Pilates conditioning, as well as any special requirements they may have (e.g. injuries or any prior or existing medical condition).

What to Wear:
Students should wear comfortable, relaxed active­‐wear that is not restrictive in any way and should also wear socks, but no shoes.
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